2018 Campus Climate Survey Report

How to use this report

Choose the group you are interested in exploring on the top left of the Survey Responses tab (Students? Faculty?). Then, choose the demographic category through which you’d like to filter the results (Gender Identity? Religion?). After selecting a category, you must choose the category value you’d like to view (Women? Black/African American?). If you have selected a demographic category, you must select a filter value in the dropdown below it to render results. Browse through the topic areas or specific items to see results.

For the full report, findings, and recommendations, please visit: Office of Diversity & Inclusion

The Campus Climate survey was administered between January 29, 2018 and February 28, 2018 and was open to all University of Maryland students, faculty and staff. The survey included 70 questions and was estimated to take approximately 25 minutes to complete.