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  • I understand that "Unit Record Data" (URD) is specific, granular data that can be used to identify individuals and information about them, among other things. This information is clearly sensitive, often confidential, and is protected by federal, state, and local laws, including FERPA. It is only provided to employees when needed for completing legitimate job-related responsibilities.
  • I will participate in training and re-training related to URD as required.
  • I will use URD for the sole purpose of fulfilling legitimate job-related responsibilities, and not for academic research, scholarly publications, or other uses.
  • I will protect URD by storing it securely, accessing it securely and preventing unauthorized access, limiting or eliminating sharing, and deleting all copies upon completion of the relevant activity or at the expiration/termination of my access permissions.
  • I will not share any findings outside the University of Maryland without prior approval of the Senior Vice President and Provost or designee.
  • I understand that, as a result of unauthorized access or use of URD that I am responsible for, I may be subject to access restrictions and/or disciplinary procedures in accordance with university procedure.
  • I also affirm that I have read and understand the following policies and provisions: